Since its establishment, SHIC has been in its successful journey to become a holistic centre of Islamic higher education combined with liberal learning which aims to light up the spirit of Islamic sciences among its beneficiaries. It aims in nurturing a bunch of outstanding scholars who can understand the specific needs of Ummah and propagate the teachings of Islam in every corners of the globe.


  • To develop an innovative system of Islamic education capable at grooming a group of 'Ulema' who can spread the message of Islam throughout the world.
  • To promote propagators of Islam who would be talented in religious and modern teachings and could understand the new challenges that the religion has been facing.
  • To impart the Islamic religious education combined with modern sciences among its products as to help them in facilitating widespread propagation of Islam.
  • To create a spiritual environment that instills within students the love and subservience to the Almighty Allah.
  • To provide quality and holistic education that would help to sharpen students' capabilities and ensure their all-round improvement in spiritual, social, psychological as well as intellectual spheres all of which guided by Islamic principles and teachings.