The SHIC Library

The SHIC library has a highly furnished building with rich collections of books and references in all sections. With modern facilities of digital and computing system, the library is a great hallmark of the institution. The library has been functioning as an invaluable resource hub for students, teachers and outside members. The newly redeveloped library was inaugurated by Sayyid Abbas Ali Shihab Thangal in the presence of Bapputty ustad and other dignitaries. It has nearly 2500 collections of books and journals along with periodicals in different languages. The rich collection has been categorized into many divisions according to subjects like Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, History, Fiction and etc. There are different sections for books available in various languages. The library system is managed by student officials with the guidance of a teacher staff. Only students and staffs are allowed to issue books for fixed period of time.

The library Facilities

The Library comprises of the following sections:

  1. Circulation section
  2. Text Book Section
  3. Newspaper and Periodicals
  4. Reading Room
  5. Reference Section
  6. Binding Section
  7. Audio Visual Section
  8. Digital Library