Extra Curricular Activities

In addition to the methods prescribed above for education, a variety of extracurricular activities are also widely used in SHIC. For example, such activities as strong regular weekly assemblies, class wise competitions, language weeks, class meeting, club activities, student's union projects, college ceremonies, and other college wide events are effectively used in Sabeel. Among these, a noteworthy program is, a well planned, most distinguished and longing to about a week art fete, named as Sabeel Islamic Art Fest. In order to develop students resource, to enhance their total personality we strain day and night planning new projects. For cause of it this education system provides immense opportunities In spite of their involvement in their academic areas we also uplifting them at all aspects of activities, especially stage programs, writings talents, moral training and organizing skills etc…….

Students activities

Unlike the effective curriculum, SHIC offers every student various opportunities to improve their oratory skills, language abilities, writing talents. We targets their innate abilities using many programs through pages and stages

Stage performance training

There are separate weekly sessions for developing speaking skills. Apart from this, every student would be given chances to talk publicly in various languages within different periods of time after the prayers of Zuhr, Asr and Isha'. We also organize inter-collegiate competitions, at the occasion of meeladunnabi ,dividing all benches of students in four groups, to install spirit of contest. Among those contests we have included elocations ,debates,quiz,grand master, and etc…. .

Developing Writing Skill

Students get involved in releasing handwritten monthly four lingual magazines and weekly newspapers in languages. There would be conducted classes by prominent personalities, the multifaceted informative and educational programs, meelad fest, annual competitions, study tours and picnics which help students absorb more values from out of syllabus.

Organizing Skill

Organizational skills are defined as the skills, strategies and qualities needed in order to be able to organize your time, deadlines and productivity. On the way to set a solid organizing power we plan new strategies and traits of organization. Beyond the uplifting of students via education we understand that exchanging of organizing skills are also in very need because the unity can create history, and the activities in unison will endow many attributes for the community. So we must plans new trends to create spiritual urge amongst the students, when they get proper training in organizing power, a spiritual urge will arise in their mind to be part of an organization. Although student union of SHIC runs under the supervision of its advisory board its members have to act freely. In this way they obtaining many occasions to organize bright programs such as contests among students ,outer seminars ,publishing new creations ,volunteer medical services when it needed etc… . As a good certificates of SH student's altogether organizing power their association has achieved many awards especially DSU organized awards twice not once. This was result of cooperative and mutual activities on the label their organization titled AHSAn.

Moral training

As it is a naked truth that, the many aspects of moral educations are the part of the hidden curriculum of all educational institutions. SABEEL takes the moral education and training as a subject matter, intending to help student's moral habits and good social manners needed to behave properly, comprehended moral norms and ideals needed to lead a desirable society, develop the abilities of moral judgment and moral decision making needed to deal with moral conflicts in the community. The teaching methods and trainings given to them from the campus help students at their cognitive levels and moral developments. In order to enhance the effectiveness of learning and training we take religion and its methods as a solid way for it. So that SHIC Teachers use a combination of methods so as to impart them a meaningful, effective, and enjoyable trainings and practices via many programs such as practicing on quthuba recitation(Quthuba), leading namaz(imamath) as well as to stimulate ,develop the thinking abilities of students and make them able to lead these after they completed their course.