Al-Hidaya Students Association (AHSAn) is students' union of SHIC. It diligently strives to develop the potentials and skills of every student. AHSAn conducts different programmes, both academic and extracurricular, according to the need of students' wholesome progress. The organization has several Subcommittees to handle specific divisions. They are Students Resource Development Wing, Editorial wing, Publishing Bureau, Cultural wing, Library board, Speakers Forum, Medical board and Social Affairs wing. Its most significant wing, Students' Resource Development Wing, conducts many academic and literary programs, including debates, seminars, symposium on the current issues and subjects. It has English, Arabic, Urdu and Malayalam language clubs to focus on language based programmes.

The Publishing Bureau has published many books, pamphlets and CDs on variety of topics. A separate editorial board has been formed to develop the writing skills of the students and to supervise hand written magazines written by them. It publishes handwritten magazines and newspapers namely The Sprout (English), Vasantham (Malayalam), Nafhathurihab (Arabic), Shasthra Jalakam (Science magazine), Sahityavarika (Literary Weekly).