The Making of SHIC

Say: “This is my way:resting on a clear proof, I call you to God,I and whoso followth me :and glory be to God!I am not one of those who add other dieties to him”(sura 12, verse 108)

Earlier, the institution was run as a secondary Madrasa named as Kunheen Musliyar Memorial Secondary Madrasa after the building was erected in 1986 with its foundation stone laid by late Sayyid Shihabuddeen Imbichikoya Thangal, the then Senior Qazi of Calicut. Later, in March 1997, it was affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic Academy and adopted the whole syllabi, method of teaching as well as the rules of functioning incorporated by the academic Council of Darul Huda. From the same year onwards, the institution started functioning by giving admission to a group of 45 excellent students each year who would get admission through a meticulously planned entrance test. On 22/4/2005, the foundation stone for the third block building of SHIC was laid by Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal, the late spiritual leader of Kerala. Since its establishment in 1997, SHIC has nurtured a considerable number of scholars who finished their graduation in Islamic theology and contemporary sciences from the institution and joined for their post graduation in Darul Huda Islamic University.