Annahda Arabic Magazine

SHIC family started the publication of an Arabic bimonthly journal, Annahda in 2006. Annahda is the first and foremost endurable and everlasting Arabic journal in the state of Kerala. It makes creative intervention in various sociocultural and religious issues. The journal includes sections of learning, discourses and reflections on current and newly emerging matters in literary and social world. The releasing of debutant issue of Annahda Bimonthly was inuagurated by Panakkad Sayyed Muhammed Ali Shihab Thangal on August 2006 in the presence of many dignitaries and invitees. Annahda has been published among a wide range of its readers as it has been doing an undeniable service along with a creative touch in Arabic language and literature. Recently, the journal has gained ISSN number as recognition of its credibility.