Governing Body

SHIC has a very committed governing body to manage its both academic and administrative affairs. The committee came to existence recently in the date of 1/7/2013. The governing body of SHIC is vigilant to ensure the quality of education its students have been receiving along with their timely decisions and functions for smooth running of the institution. Officials of governing body are:

President General Secretary
Sayyid Munavarali shihab thangal CH Bava Hudawi

President Sayid Munavvarali Shihab Thangal
Vice president Abdul Bari Musliyar
M.M Kutti Moulavi
P.T Moideen Haji
General Secretary Usthad CH Bava Hudawi
Secretaries T Abdul Haq
Abdul Ali Cholayil
C. Komu Musliar
Treasurer CH Swalih Hudawi