Al-Hidaya Association for Da'wa Initiatives (AL-HADI) is the Islamic propagation unit of AHSAn that endeavors for the widespread propagation of Islam. It undertakes important da'wa camps in religiously backward areas and provides practical training and experience in the field of da'wa at global level. Activities of association is remarkable nowadays as it, for example, has been conducting da'wa activities among those who are both religiously and economically backward in Puthunagaram area of Palakakd district. ALHADI undertakes major Islamic da'wa projects and it provides moral training and experience in the da'wa field at world wide.

ALHADI has formed a blog for the Da'wa needs which is being duly updated. It has bagged so far the wide attention and feedback from its readers. A separate board has been actively working to reply the questions and doubts which have posted by its readers in the website.