Alumni Union

Islamic Network for Sabeel Alumni Friends (INSAF) is the alumni union of scholars who successfully graduated from SHIC. To promote an everlasting relation with SHIC and to get together on a platform for devoted Islamic activities, the SHIC graduates conduct several programs in and out of the campus. They utilize their human resources, which they acquired through their long term courses, towards the community enlightenment. INSAF also aims enlarging its academic traits as well as socially committed activities by giving wholesome support to its alma mater. INSAF plans and implements various activities aimed at the progress of SHIC student community. SHIC utilizes the diverse human resources of its alumni scholars to conduct moral classes, motivational guiding, and religious awareness programs in the villages which are religiously backward.

Membership Procedure

INSAF allows its membership to those who have successfully completed their ten year courses from SHIC. Graduates, who give their contributions to the alumni by the end of their degree programs, become members of the association and can enjoy all its benefits. The membership programme of the association has been divided into two categories; temporary and permanent. The first category of membership is intended for SHIC graduates who are carrying on their PG studies in DHIU, whereas the permanent membership is given to those who have completed their course from DHIU after the graduation course from SHIC and have been designated as HUDAWI.


* INSAF promotes SHIC academic activities and talent of its graduates to the educational and professional sectors
* It follows SHIC students to set a long term goal within them during their educational carrier with efficient motivational programmes.
* It actively participates in the sessions and creates exposures that would positively benefit the wholesome progress of SHIC.
* It gives a unique platform for SHIC alumni scholars by which it can maximum contribute valuable suggestions and services obtained through its resourceful members.
* The association is obliged to lend its helping hand to those who are economically on low level from among the entire SHIC family.

Current Activities:

INSAF has proposed pilot projects and offered trophies upon the memory of two deceased members of SHIC family: Marhoom Jabir Hudawi and Marhoom Aswif. The awards and trophies would be given for excellent performers both in academic sphere and extracurricular level. INSAF has been involved more actively in charitable activities and extends its helping hands for those who are in high need of getting a financial relief among inmates of the institution.

Backbones of INSAF:

Even during their busy life schedules, the SHIC alumni members are vigilant to focus upon wellbeing of their alma mater and servicing activities that INSAF projects with the cooperation of its members. Of course, it is sure that what gives INSAF the real face of an alumni association of SHIC is its resourceful members who are either servicing or seeking higher education in different sectors of society in various places.